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Evidence of Genocidal Mortality Rates in Residential Schools - Index

  1. Cover page of "The Story of a National Crime" by Dr. Peter Bryce, former Medical Inspector for the Department of Indian Affairs (DIA), Ottawa, in which Bryce describes his 1907 discovery of a death rate of nearly 50% in western Indian residential schools, and the suppression of this evidence by the Canadian government and churches.
  2. Extract from the 1907 report compiled by Dr. Bryce and submitted to DIA Superintendent Duncan Campbell Scott, in which Bryce documents that between 25% and 50% of the native children entering western residential schools were dead after one year. (The circled figures indicate actual numbers of deceased children in various schools).
  3. More documentation from this report.
  4. The summary page of Dr. Bryce's report, in which he cites an average mortality rate of 30% in the residential schools on the prairies and in British Columbia which he surveyed (ie, 229 of 756 native students had died).
  5. An addendum to Dr. Bryce's 1907 report, dated November 5, 1909, in which Bryce submits more data to show a 50% death rate in Alberta residential schools. The same report states that Indian children were being deliberately exposed to tuberculosis and other communicable diseases, and then left to die unattended by church and residential school staff. According to Dr. Bryce, the facts of these murders were deliberately suppressed by the same staff, in collusion with government Indian agents. (P.D. Bryce, report to DIA Assistant Superintendent Frank Pedley, Nov. 5, 1909, Ottawa)
  6. Collusion in Genocide at the top: Despite a growing death rate due to tuberculosis, caused by the murderous practices documented by Dr. Bryce, DIA Superintendent Duncan Campbell Scott abolished the post of Medical Inspector for Indian Agencies in February, 1919, with the result that death from tuberculosis among Indians skyrocketed (see Table at bottom of page). Attendance in these death-trap "schools" was then made compulsory for all native children in Canada, under a federal law passed in 1920.