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Evidence of Genocidal Mortality Rates in Residential Schools

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Hidden from History:
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Key Newspaper Articles:

  1. The first public acknowledgement of widespread deaths in residential schools: A mortality rate of between 25% and 69% is cited - The Ottawa Citizen, November 15 1907
  2. Natives deliberately allowed to die from tuberculosis, church official claims, The Globe and Mail, May 29, 1953
  3. The first allegation of murders in Alberni residential school, The Vancouver Sun, Dec. 13,1995
  4. The first report of a residential school murder - Harriet Nahanee's account of Maisie Shaw's death, The Vancouver Sun, Dec. 18,1995
  5. Corroboration: Archie Frank's account of a second murder by Principal Alfred Caldwell, The Vancouver Sun, Dec.20, 1995
  6. Harry Wilson's story - The Victoria Times Colonist, Sept. 24, 1997
  7. More corroboration - The Nanaimo Daily News, Feb. 9,1998
  8. Report of the findings of the IHRAAM Tribunal - The Globe and Mail, June 20, 1998
  9. First admission of a joint church-government cover-up of residential school crimes - The Province, October 27, 1998
  10. First intenational coverage of crimes in Canadian residential schools - The New Internationalist (Oxford, UK), Jan-Feb, 1999
  11. First condemnation of Canada by a United Nations agency for its abuse of native peoples - The Vancouver Sun, April 10, 1999
  12. First admission by the federal government of their use of native children in medical experiments - The Vancouver Sun, April 26,2000
  13. Settlement, Abuser Was Murderer $233,000 Awarded For Native-School Abuse - The Vancouver Province, December 28, 2001