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Program of The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada

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Evidence of Genocidal Mortality Rates in Residential Schools

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Hidden from History:
The Canadian Holocaust

Publications of IHRAAM, United Nations affiliate and sponsoring agency behind the June, 1998 Tribunal into Canadian Indian Residential Schools:

  1. Public invitation to the 1998 Tribunal issued by IHRAAM Officer Rudy James, describing the event as being conducted by IHRAAM - April 16, 1998.

  2. Letter of payment from IHRAAM to Maritime Labour Centre, Vancouver, indicating IHRAAM's financial responsibility for the 1998 Tribunal - May 1, 1998.

  3. Diplomatic Summons and Subpoena issued by IHRAAM to thirty-four officials of church, state and RCMP in Canada, instructing them to answer charges of Genocide at the 1998 Tribunal (none of them responded) - May 22, 1998. Coming Soon!!!

  4. Press Release issued by IHRAAM concerning the Tribunal, declaring as its aim the submitting of a final report to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights and the U.N. General Secretary - May 25, 1998.

  5. Follow-up Public Summons issued by the Tribunal's successor, The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, to the Moderator and Officers of the United Church of Canada, acting on the original mandate of the 1998 Tribunal - September 20, 2000. (Again, there was no response by church leaders to this Summons).