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Program of The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada

The Truth and Its Consequences: A Reply to my Detractors

Letters, Replies and Tales



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Archival Documents Canadian Department of Indian Affairs (DIA)

Evidence of Genocidal Mortality Rates in Residential Schools

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Full Report
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Hidden from History:
The Canadian Holocaust

Read about the man of whom Dr. Noam Chomsky has said,

“...what has happened to him is outrageous” (August 7, 2002)

Order Love and Death in the Valley today!

Reverend Kevin Annett's biographical work, which recounts his gradual uncovering of the evidence of genocide and mass murder in his church's "Indian residential schools" on Canada's west coast, can now be obtained from First Books by accessing this website:


Since 1995, Reverend Annett has been stripped of his job, career, family and security because of his tenacious pursuit of the truth behind the "hidden history" of Canada's slaughter of aboriginal people. He even now faces arrest and imprisonment for his "naming names" of powerful men connected to drug trafficking, pedophilia and illegal land theft among native people in northern British Columbia. But his suffering has helped change the face of Canadian society and begun a movement to bring Canada's government and churches to justice for their deliberate extermination of thousands of indigenous people.

Honour this man and this important cause by purchasing his personal story, Love and Death in the Valley, today!

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