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The Canadian Holocaust

An Appeal from A Soon-To-Be Prisoner of Conscience in British Columbia, Canada

by Rev. Kevin Annett
Secretary, The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada
website: http://canadiangenocide.nativeweb.org

I am writing this personal appeal to the world because by August, I may be incarcerated in prison for having exercised my God-given and constitutionally protected freedom of speech in Canada.

In my work as an advocate and fighter for the rights of aboriginal people, I have discovered that an American conglomerate known as NAWAPA - The North American Water and Power Alliance - is coveting the lands of native people in central British Columbia, with the assistance of corrupt and violent native politicians and the government of Canada.

NAWAPA plans to dam and divert three major river systems in our province into the United States through a massive water reservoir known as the Rocky Mountain Trench. (see website: http://www.sd83.bc.ca/vanj-home.html) As a result, the lands of thousands of indigenous people in north-central British Columbia will be flooded and their way of life destroyed forever.

Some of the most powerful native politicians in this region are dispossessing their own people from their lands to pave the way for the NAWAPA project. According to eyewitnesses Frank Martin and Helen Michel of the Dene-Carrier nation, chiefs of the Carrier - Sekani Tribal Council in Prince George, BC have employed violence, extortion, and even murder to secure trap lines and other lands from their own people.

According to Frank and Helen, and other Tribal Council activists, these chiefs are also implicated in criminal actions like drug trafficking, prostitution, and the exploitation of children in organized pedophile rings in the Prince George-Moricetown area. These allegations have been substantiated by journalists, lawyers, and sources within the Carrier-Sekani Tribal Council.

Two weeks ago, one of these accused chiefs, Ed John, commenced a lawsuit against Frank and Helen, myself, and other critics, to permanently silence and incarcerate us if we persist in our investigation of crimes against aboriginal people in his territory.

The law firm handling Ed John's case - Blake, Cassells and Graydon of Vancouver - is closely tied to the government of Canada through its head, Marvin Storrow, who is a close friend and confident of Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

Chretien has not only recently been cited at the International Criminal Court in The Hague for complicity in Genocide of native people in Canada, but his government, like Chief Ed John, is committed to the NAWAPA project through its obligations under the NAFTA agreement with the USA.

There can be no clearer case than this one of a modern state employing puppet indigenous leaders to dispossess entire peoples in the interests of foreign multinational corporations. Nor can there be a more obvious example of a government attacking and silencing dissidents than what myself and native activists like Frank and Helen are presently up against.

Besides this lawsuit, we are experiencing regular death threats, physical assaults, and other harrassment designed to isolate and break us.

We need all persons of conscience to rally now to our defense, and to the aboriginal people of central British Columbia.

We ask that you do the following:

1. Alert Amnesty International and other human rights groups about our case and the ongoing Genocide of native peoples in Canada, and ask them to adopt us as prisoners of conscience.

2. Contact the government of Canada, and Prime Minister Jean Chretien, and demand that their covert harrassment of opponents of NAWAPA and Ed John cease.

3. Contact Marvin Storrow, Q.C., at Blake, Cassells and Graydon in Vancouver, BC, and demand that this firm halt their lawsuit (#S012186) and campaign of harrassment of myself and other critics of Chief Ed John. (They can be contacted at this e-mail: joanne.lysyk@blakes.com).

4. Acquaint yourself with the past and present legal Genocide of native peoples in our country by accessing and sharing the documented proof of these crimes at the website of our Truth Commission:


5. Contribute to a Legal Defense Fund which is being established for us through the Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada and other agencies.

6. Contact me directly at the e-mail below for further ideas and assistance.

I wish to thank you for your consideration, and ask for your prayers; not only for myself and my family, but for all of the aboriginal people of our land who face overwhelming odds in defense of their land, culture and very lives.

May the Creator and Great Mystery allow us Justice in our time,

Rev. Kevin D. Annett
4 July, 2002
Vancouver, BC, Canada

email: kevinannett@yahoo.ca ph: 1-888-265-1007