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Hidden from History:
The Canadian Holocaust

The Untold Story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples by Church and State in Canada

by (Rev.) Kevin Annett

Published by The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, a public investigative body continuing the work of previous Tribunals into native residential schools, including the United Nations-affiliated IHRAAM Tribunal of June 12-14, 1998, convened in Vancouver, Canada.

copyright © The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada, 2001 (2nd edition)

This website is presently under construction. The extensive documentation contained within the hardcopy of this Report is in the process of being added. For hard copies of the Report, or for more information, contact:

or Kevin Annett at 1-888-265-1007

This Report is the result of more than six years of research and investigation, and contains the tesimonies of nearly 200 aboriginal eyewitnesses to murder, torture, sterilizations and other crimes against humanity committed at church-run residential schools and hospitals across Canada. More than 50,000 Indian children died in these facilities between 1891 and 1984, according to government statistics which indicate a continual death rate of between 35% and 60% in these schools.

The genocide of aboriginal peoples in Canada continues today, as evident in their third-world standard of living - 64th in the world, below that of Mexico and Thailand - the continued loss of their land base and resources to multinational corporations, the deliberate killing of native people by police and vigilante groups, and the exploitation of aboriginal children in pedophile networks protected by government, church and police officials, especially on Canada's west coast.

The work of The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada is committed to exposing and uprooting these crimes, past and present, and bringing the criminals to justice before international courts. We welcome your support and comments.

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