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Kevin Annett

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 13:36:26 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Friend,

If you wish to express your solidarity with the indigenous peoples of "Canada," please sign the following letter and email it to all National Olympic Committees whose e-mail addresses are included at the bottom of the page.

You may send a copy to the "Canadian Prime Minster at pm@pm.gc.ca

Thank you.


Celebrate Humanity: An Open Letter to the Olympic Community

Dear Olympic Athlete:

"Celebrate Humanity" is the global promotional campaign for the 2004 Olympic Summer Games.

Celebrating Humanity is indeed an appropriate theme for the Olympic Games because the Olympic athletes represent the best of their nations; they are the local heroes who are bestowed with the responsibility of promulgating the Olympic Values: moral principles, truth, self-respect, fair play, respect for one another, fraternization between people, friendship, collaboration, emulating noble ideals, solidarity, polyphony (diversity of voices), harmony, development of free and critical thought, and creative activity.

The Olympic Values are more essential today than ever for the continuity of civilization. And the Olympic Athletes continue in their prominent role more than ever to upholding the Olympic Values.

***Solidarity with the indigenous peoples of "Canada"***

On May 20, 2004, a representative of three indigenous groups in Guatemala presented a formal protest letter or "denuncia" to the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala City.

This protest letter accused Canada and its mainline churches of committing and concealing acts of Genocide against its native populations for more than a century, in their Indian Residential Schools and hospitals.

The letter called for the Canadian government to support an international investigation into these allegations of Genocide by Canada and its churches. Below are excerpts from the letter:

--- To the Government and Prime Minister of Canada:

We are deeply alarmed and concerned by the fact that crimes of Genocide are alleged to have been committed against the indigenous peoples of Canada by your government and by the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and United Church of Canada.

According to eyewitnesses and official documentation, these crimes are alleged to include murder, torture, rape, involuntary sexual sterilization, forced labor, biological warfare, medical experimentation, land theft, cultural eradication, pedophilia, and the conducting of a prolonged war of extermination against non-Christian aboriginal people.

These crimes are alleged to have occurred for more than a century in the state-sponsored and church-run Indian Residential Schools, which legally interred every Indian child across Canada between the years 1890 and 1984. During this period, more than 50,000 children died in these schools, according to the statistics of your own Department of Indian Affairs. Most of the bodies of these dead children have never been located or recovered.

According to the evidence before us, paid employees and officials of these Indian Residential Schools perpetrated, condoned and concealed every act defined as Genocide by the United Nations Convention on the Prevention of Genocide, which was passed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, and ratified by Canada in 1952.

The same evidence indicates that the highest officials of church and state in Canada knew of these crimes and continually approved them as a matter of policy. As such, your government and the churches in question appear to be responsible for having committed and concealed intentional Genocide, as defined by the United Nations.

We understand that your government and the churches in question have only acknowledged the physical and sexual attacks on native children in these schools, and have refused to take responsibility for any of the other crimes attested to by eyewitness survivors. In this way, your institutions can be considered to be openly violating international law, and holding yourselves unaccountable for crimes against humanity committed by your employees and accountable officials.

As representatives of indigenous organizations throughout the Americas, we therefore call upon your government and the churches in question to abide by morality and international law, and do the following:

1. Support a motion before the United Nations General Assembly and the International Criminal Court to establish an International War Crimes Tribunal into Genocide in Canada.

2. Surrender to this Tribunal all evidence held by your government and the churches in question pertaining to any and all crimes committed against indigenous people and their land, including murder and Genocide.

3. Surrender to this Tribunal the names of all persons who are guilty of such crimes in the Indian Residential Schools.

4. Respond publicly to the allegations of Genocide made against your government and the churches in question by survivors of the residential schools.

5. Revoke the charitable, tax free status of the churches in question on the grounds that they are accused of having committed and concealed crimes against humanity, and should therefore not be subsidized and aided by the public until these allegations are proved or disproved.

We are communicating this appeal to the world community and its media, prior to further public action on this matter.

Unfortunately the "Canadian" government has failed to respond to the issues of Genocide and murder raised in the protest letter.

Regrettably, the Canadian Olympic community, too, have remained silent about the Genocide and the official cover-up, which is being perpetrated in their name. They have thus failed in their moral obligations both as human beings and as Olympic athletes upholding the Olympic Values. They have no place, therefore, at the 2004 Olympic Summer Games, Athens, and should not be made welcome.

We ask YOU both as an Olympic athlete and a free human being to express your solidarity with the indigenous people of "Canada" to:

1. Sign the petition for an international tribunal to investigate the genocide and crimes perpetrated by "Canadian" government and its churches against humanity. http://www.petitiononline.com/watergod/petition.html

2. Copy this letter to your friends, colleagues (including all athletes and National Olympic committees - see below for contact details), and inform everyone you know.

3. Boycott the "Canadian" athletes at the 2004 Olympic Summer Games, Athens.

Thank you.

In the spirit of Olympic Values,


For more information contact:

Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary, The Truth Commission:
kevinannett@yahoo.ca (ph: 1-888-265-1007)
MSRB: stop-genocide@restorative-business.org

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Email addresses of National Olympic Committees:
cospjasgam@cstome.net; cnoss@sentoo.sn;
olympic@sierratel.sl; nocsom@hotmail.com;
olympic@ecoweb.co.zw; nocz@microlink.zm;
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